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Check My Church's Mission Statement

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Check My Church will most definitely be misunderstood by many as we become more popular with time, especially when the masses that attend the most popular churches in the nation see that their church is being criticized as unBiblical or in contradiction to Jesus Christ in some way.

We have a huge mission here, and in the hopes of keeping the misunderstanding at bay, I will outline it here.

At Check My Church our mission consists of these key goals:

1. To be a valuable source of information for Christians seeking a church focused on the Word of God, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the glory of God.

2. To give light and exposure for churches that are underappreciated and unpopular due to their anti-business, pro-Bible model of church, and to encourage good churches to keep doing what they’re doing.

3. To expose churches that are un-Biblical in practice and teaching, and in fact antithetical to the Gospel of Christ through their legalism, dishonesty, and lack of transparency, and to encourage these churches to adjust their course and return to the Gospel of Christ.

4. All of this is done in love for our brothers and sisters in Christ, and of course for the love of Jesus Christ our Lord.

5. In every Check we do, and every criticism we give, to do it with a heart of love and in service to God for His glory alone.

6. Our ultimate mission is to make such an impact on the Christian churchgoing community that we become obsolete. When the norm for the Christian church returns to what it used to be, there will be no need for us to Check them.

If you still have questions about what we do here, what we’re about, how we check churches, what we’re NOT doing here, or if you have your own criticisms for us, here are some other places you can go to see what we’re all about

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