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What CMC Is Not

There may be some confusion about the methods and approach that CMC will be taking in its mission to check churches. Hopefully I'm able to clarify sufficiently.

Here is a short list of what Check My Church is NOT:

1. We are not theologians or doctrinal experts looking to push a specific denomination or set of doctrine on the Christian masses. We are only judging non-denominational and Evangelical Christian churches according to what the Bible says a church should be.

2. We are not looking to bash or hate on certain churches. The main idea behind Check My Church is to provide church-goers the information they most need when picking a church for themselves. While we may conclude each review with our own opinion and rating for that particular church, the main point is to provide Christians with a transparent report of what each church actually believes and what their services are like to prevent them from having to waste their time hopping from church to church.

3. On the flip side, we are also not interested in avoiding offending people. Sometimes the truth offends, and there are a lot of churches that need to be told that they're doing their congregation a disservice by failing to meet the Biblical standards for the Church. We do it with as much love as we can, but we have to tell the truth at the same time. The truth in love.

4. We are not perfect, and we are very new to this. Many aspects of the project may change over time. Our methods, our criteria, etc...if you're expecting a well established organization that's experienced and set in its ways, you're in the wrong place. We will always adapt as we learn, and hopefully improve while we're at it.

Do you have any questions or confusion about Check My Church? Let us know!


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