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We are a small group of Christian Ultra-Libertarians determined to check every church we can to protect God's people from oppression, abuse, exploitation, coercive control, and other harmful behaviors. Our Church Checks are investigative reports that include as much information on a church as we can find, including everything from the basics of what a church believes and practices to an in-depth red flag report that describes any harmful behaviors we find in the church. 


Read more below to learn about our Mission, What We Believe, How We Operate, and the Ministries and other Organizations that we Support / Recommend.


Our mission is pretty simple: We want to investigate local Christian churches that show red flags of abuse and other harmful behaviors and report the real deal to protect the Body of Christ from wolves in sheep's clothing. We also report what churches actually believe, what they teach, what they expect of their members, if they preach tithing, and so forth, so you can decide which church is best for you based on the facts, rather than the carefully constructed image the church has propagated for the purpose of popularity, rather than truth. 


We are a small group of non-denominational, Ultra-Libertarian Christians who abide by what many would call the core essentials of Christianity but to be more specific, please check out our Statement of Faith below.


Our methods are simple. We contact a church's staff or lead pastor, ask questions, and investigate, but whether the church's leadership staff is helpful or not, we investigate each church thoroughly to find the answers to every question and report our findings in each Church Check. We post the facts and only the facts, so every churchgoer can decide for themselves which church is for them based on real information.  


Joe & Sarah Young were both raised in the Evangelical Christian Church. They have been married since 2009 and have three children. Sarah started the Check My Church as a church review blog in 2019, but as she continues to learn and grow in her church checking adventure, her reports have developed into some of the most informative and thorough investigative reports on (mostly) American local Christian churches available that we know of. 


In our own frustration with the many Christian churches in our local community, my husband Joe and I wondered why no one has created a Church Review website where people could look up their church and find out everything there is to know, including red flags of practices and behaviors we wanted to avoid. I mean, why not? We could've used one! We were tired of church hunting, frustrated with being deceived only to find the truth after wasting days and sometimes weeks at a church, and curious about how many other Christians found themselves in the same boat. Moving back to our home church in Salt Lake City, Utah relieved all the stressful church hopping on our end, but when our pastor, Shawn McCraney of, came up with the same idea, we knew it had to be a good one. So, here we are, church checkers. Checking every church, so you don't have to. 

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