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We are a small group of God-loving Christians in search for the best, and worst, churches in the country. We work to expose corruption within local Christian churches which preach legalism rather than the Gospel, that serve money rather than God, and that teach the words of men, and not the Word of God. We also hunt diligently for good churches that preach the Gospel, teach the Word, and glorify God alone and encourage Christians to attend them.


Read more here to find out our own particular doctrinal positions, our methods in Church Reporting, and more. 


Our mission is pretty simple: We want to go to every church and report the real deal. What they actually believe, what they teach, what they expect of their members, if they preach tithing, and so forth, so you can decide which church is best for you based on the facts. Not what's been advertised to you, and not what would otherwise take you months to figure out on your own. 


We are a small group of non-denominational Christians who abide by what many would call the core essentials of Christianity, but to be more specific, we are currently working on writing up our own Statement of Faith. We will post it on the CMC Blog once finished.


Our methods are simple. We walk into a different church every Sunday (or Thursday, or Friday, or Saturday) with a list of required information for our CMC Report, we attend the pastor's sermon, sometimes multiple sermons if the early service is different from the later service, we take detailed notes, and we post our findings on the CMC Blog for the public to view and scrutinize. In some cases more investigating and digging is required to find the answers we seek, but once we have them all, we rate each church as fairly and factually as we can. 

Sarah & Joe

In our own frustration with the many Christian churches in our local community, my husband Joe and I wondered why no one has created a Church Review website. I mean, why not? We could have used one! We were tired of church hunting, frustrated with being deceived only to find the truth after wasting days and sometimes weeks at one church, and curious about how many other Christians found themselves in the same boat. Moving back to our home church in Salt Lake City, Utah relieved all of the stressful church hopping on our end, but when our pastor, Shawn McCraney, came up with the same exact idea, we knew it had to be a good one. What are the chances, right? So, here we are. Checking every church, so you don't have to.