Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: May 8, 2019

Check My Church is a controversial ministry. We've received a lot of hate mail, a lot of questions, and a lot of criticisms for what we're doing. In an effort to answer every question and remain as open to challenge and criticism as we expect churches and their leadership to be, we will answer all of them here.

1. You ask churches about their financial transparency. Are you transparent with your ministry's finances? How much money do you make by Checking Christian churches?

We will always be transparent with our finances, especially because of how critical we are toward churches for refusing to be. So far we don't make any money. We haven't made a dime on this venture, but we have spent some.

Unlike certain church pastors who refuse to disclose their salaries and refuse to put a cap on their own income, we will. We are still unsure of how much that cap will be, but once CMC begins bringing in any money, if we ever do, we plan to give a certain percentage to our church, keep a percentage to support the ministry, and if we make more than our earning cap, we will give what remains to other ministries that we support. Namely, churches that don't preach tithing.

We will always disclose this information as it comes into being.

2. Aren't you being unloving, judgmental, and fighting against flesh and blood by judging churches?

Not in the least. We love our brothers and sisters in Christ, including churches that we find to be offensive in their approaches to doing church. We do not hate anyone that we criticize on the site, we would never insult anyone that we disagree with personally, and our fight is not against anyone personally.

We fight against the principles and ideas that have caused these kinds of churches to exist in the first place. We challenge those ideas and principles, criticize them, and pray for these churches to see the truth.

We present the facts, and from that logical conclusions must be drawn. Sometimes the truth offends and hurts people's feelings. Sometimes it may even seem judgmental, but to make a fair judgment about something that is necessary, such as the Biblical adherence of the Christian Church, is what all Christians should be doing with their own church as individuals anyway.

Lastly, we try to approach every church with love, respect, and the common decency that we would hope to receive from them, whether we agree with them on anything or not. Our goal is not to humiliate or attack the people running and operating these churches, but rather to attack the ideas and principles behind the approach that they take.

Sometimes our intentions may be taken the wrong way, but we will always aim to make our criticisms in love, truth, and through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

3. What authority do you have to judge churches and their pastors? Are you a theologian? What kind of education do you have?

We are not theologians, pastors or experts on the Bible. We are Christians who read the Bible and try to live out our walk with God through the power of the Holy Spirit.

People who believe we are in position to make judgments against churches or their pastors because we don't know as much about the Bible as they do or don't have the same level of education as they do are actually making an argument from authority, which is fallacious and irrelevant.

We don't need to be theologians or PhD's to know that church is supposed to be about God, and not man. We don't need a degree in Biblical Studies to know that as Christians we have liberty in Christ. We also don't need to be pastors to understand that tithing isn't supported contextually by the Bible for Christians today.

We have the same authority to judge churches and their pastors that any other Christian has when they walk into theirs every Sunday morning.