Church Check: The Mission Church in South Jordan, Utah

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Basic Church Information:

Church Website:

Facebook Page:

Address: 10288 S. Jordan Gateway, South Jordan, UT 84095

Phone: Unknown


Online Services:

Answered Questionnaire: No

Preaching Style: Verse by Verse/Expository

Tithe Preaching: Yes

Memberships: Yes

Financial Transparency: Unknown

Denomination: Calvinist


1. What is your church's official position on tithing?

While I couldn’t find an official statement on tithing, I did find their Membership agreement, and in order to be a member, you must give money to the church:

“I will faithfully participate with this church in regular worship, prayer, study, fellowship, and the ordinances of baptism and communion. I will contribute cheerfully and regularly to the financial needs of this church for the expenses of ministry, the relief of the poor, and the spread of the gospel through all nations. I will joyfully serve this church where there may be need.”

Additionally, under Christian Conduct in their Beliefs portion of the website, they mention that a Christian should be a "...faithful steward of his possessions..." This typically means the church preaches tithing.

2. Does your church have a particular set of rules or requirements that members must follow or abide by in order to retain their membership status with the church?

Yes. They have a membership agreement on their website under the Beliefs section, which you can find here:

Some examples of requirements for members of The Mission Church are the following:

  • Baptism

  • Submission to the Church's Elders in matters of doctrine and agreement with the Statement of Faith

  • Church service and financial support

  • Submission to "...biblical regulations regarding marriage, divorce, and remarriage..."