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Micahn Carter is Suing The Woman Who Accused Him of Rape

Check My Church Update on Micahn Carter

Former pastor of Together Church in Yakima, Washington, Micahn Carter, is now suing the woman who has accused him of rape. Carter initially tried suing Mary Jones in 2022 in Alabama, but the suit was dismissed because the alleged rape happened in Washington.

In 2019, Carter stepped down as pastor of Together Church, which was an ARC Church, after confessing to an "inappropriate incident". Together Church was then absorbed by Champions Centre, and its ARC Church pastor, Kevin Gerald. Although there are reports that Jones reported her allegations of rape to the leaders of the Church of the Highlands only five days after the so-called "incident," Carter was allowed to begin a restoration process with the church and speak on multiple occasions, both at COTH (Church of the Highlands) and The Father's House OC in Los Angelas, California.

After Jones went public with her allegations of rape, however, COTH removed Carter from church staff and stated they were no longer "...involved in the restoration process." Now, Carter is suing Jones in Washington state and the court is expected to make a ruling this month.

In Carter's first lawsuit against Jones, he sought $500,000 in damages for lost publishing contracts and speaking engagements because of the allegations, which I find interesting. Was Carter earning $500k besides his salary at Together Church, or is preaching the Gospel legally considered a "speaking engagement"?

Until we know more, we will continue to pray for the truth to be exposed and support victims of any kind of abuse however we can. Regardless of Carter's guilt or innocence, however, one thing we now know for sure is that at least one ARC Church pastor has stated he would have received $500,000 in publishing contracts and speaking engagements, if not for Jones's allegations, and this is a red flag of financial exploitation worth noting.

Check back with us for more updates soon, church checkers, and thank you to those who have continued to update us on the status of this situation as it unfolds.

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