Church Check: North Coast Church in California

Updated: May 31, 2020

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The Questionnaire

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1. What is your church's official position on tithing?

North Coast doesn’t provide this information on their website as far as I can tell. They don’t mention it in their statement of faith, on their Donate Page, or anywhere else, but we do see in the notes of one particular sermon on the Widow’s Offering that they may in fact preach tithing. Just not as openly or clearly as many other churches.

Here are some statements we read in the sermon notes that suggest they do in fact preach tithing:

“Money is an instrument of worship”

“Giving is worship and obedience”

“Money is our primary value indicator”

“This weekend we heard it’s not about what God wants FROM us, but rather what He wants FOR us. So where do you start? Proverbs 3:9-10 is explains “giving off the top” which is both an act of thanking God for his current provision AND a way of trusting Him for future provision. When it comes to giving, we’re all at different places. Here are some steps to help you start and continue to move forward:

Go from nothing to something, …

from something to systematic, …

from systematic to tithing, …

from tithing to sacrifice.”