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Church Check: Changing Pointe in Yakima, Washington

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

FYI, church checkers. We are publishing the Church Check and the Red Flag Reports of abuse on each church separately from now on. This Check does not contain our in-depth analysis of the red flags we've observed. Those will be published over the next few weeks.

Basic Information

Church Name: Changing Pointe Church

Senior/Lead Pastor: Eli & Teresa Moreno

Governance Model: G12 Cell-Church*

Other Church Leaders/Board of Elders: Lee Garcia, Jericho Moreno

Denomination: United Pentecostal/Charismatic/G12

Statement of Faith/Doctrinal Distinctives:

Address: 1510 S. 36th Ave Yakima, WA 98902

Phone Number: 509-452-9653


Congregation Size: Unknown

Social Media:

Church Specifics

To read more about this church’s Specifics, read the Red Flag Reports (to be published in the next 2-3 weeks), which are linked to their corresponding ‘Specifics’ below. Any ‘Specific’ that has more information or an explanation available is linked to the Red Flag Report by an asterisk.

Responsive/Open to Questions: No*

Official Membership: No

Church Discipline Policy: No

Tithing/Compelled Giving: Yes

Financially Transparent/Accountable: No

Baptism Required: Unknown

Preaching Style: Topical | Pentecostal/Charismatic

Worship Style: Pentecostal /Charismatic

Affiliations*: G12, Art Sepulveda, Cesar Castellanos

Safeguards Against Abuse*: Minimal | Unknown

Red Flags*: Financial Abuse, Spiritual Abuse, Coercive/Authoritarian Control, Labor Exploitation/Funnel of Slavery, Abuse of Power/Narcissistic Abuse, and more. Please read the full Red Flag Report for an in-depth description and explanation of these red flags.

Pastor Background

Educational Background: So far it doesn’t appear Pastor Eli has any formal or accredited education for ministry. This isn’t a red flag for us considering there are many excellent Bible-teaching pastors that haven’t received a college degree, but be careful to check any degrees or certifications any pastor does present because wolves in sheep’s clothing/narcissists often get their degrees from degree mills, unaccredited schools/seminaries, or don’t have a real degree/certification at all.

Ministerial Background*: We don’t have any ministerial history on Pastor Eli prior to his pastoral position at Changing Pointe, previously named the Family Worship Center. He briefly worked as a Youth Pastor in Katy, Texas, but we currently have no information from the church he worked for.

Salary*: Unknown

Red Flags*: This pastor displays red flags of financial abuse/exploitation, coercive control, labor exploitation, and other red flags of spiritual abuse. Please read the Red Flag Report for an in-depth explanation of these red flags.

Final Rating: Not Recommended

About Our Rating

Based on each investigation and the information we collect on each church, we will either recommend or not recommend a church. Every Christian has a different perspective and opinion of a church based on their doctrinal views, personality, and other factors. Our recommendations are based on our Ultra-Libertarian Christian perspective and our desire to protect the Body of Christ from the abuse, spiritual abuse, exploitation, coercive control, and other cult-like behaviors practiced by wolves in sheep’s clothing.


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