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Church Check: Changing Pointe in Yakima, Washington

Updated: Jun 4

FYI, church checkers. We are publishing the Church Check and the Red Flag Reports of abuse on each church separately from now on. This Check does not contain our in-depth analysis of the red flags we've observed. Those will be published over the next few weeks.

Basic Information

Church Name: Changing Pointe Church

Senior/Lead Pastor: Eli & Teresa Moreno

Governance Model: G12 Cell-Church*

Other Church Leaders/Board of Elders: Lee Garcia, Jericho Moreno

Denomination: United Pentecostal/Charismatic/G12

Statement of Faith/Doctrinal Distinctives:

Address: 1510 S. 36th Ave Yakima, WA 98902

Phone Number: 509-452-9653


Congregation Size: Unknown

Building Size/Church Property: (


Online Services:

Social Media:

Church Specifics

To read more about this church’s Specifics, read the Red Flag Reports (to be published in the next 2-3 weeks), which are linked to their corresponding ‘Specifics’ below. Any ‘Specific’ that has more information or an explanation available is linked to the Red Flag Report by an asterisk.

Responsive/Open to Questions: No*

Official Membership: No

Church Discipline Policy: No

Tithing/Compelled Giving: Yes

Financially Transparent/Accountable: No

Baptism Required: Unknown

Preaching Style: Topical | Pentecostal/Charismatic

Worship Style: Pentecostal /Charismatic

Affiliations*: G12, Art Sepulveda, Cesar Castellanos

Safeguards Against Abuse*: Minimal | Unknown

Red Flags*: Financial Abuse, Spiritual Abuse, Coercive/Authoritarian Control, Labor Exploitation/Funnel of Slavery, Abuse of Power/Narcissistic Abuse, and more. Please read the full Red Flag Report for an in-depth description and explanation of these red flags.

Pastor Background

Educational Background: So far it doesn’t appear Pastor Eli has any formal or accredited education for ministry. This isn’t a red flag for us considering there are many excellent Bible-teaching pastors that haven’t received a college degree, but be careful to check any degrees or certifications any pastor does present because wolves in sheep’s clothing/narcissists often get their degrees from degree mills, unaccredited schools/seminaries, or don’t have a real degree/certification at all.

Ministerial Background*: We don’t have any ministerial history on Pastor Eli prior to his pastoral position at Changing Pointe, previously named the Family Worship Center. He briefly worked as a Youth Pastor in Katy, Texas, but we currently have no information from the church he worked for.

Salary*: Unknown

Red Flags*: This pastor displays red flags of financial abuse/exploitation, coercive control, labor exploitation, and other red flags of spiritual abuse. Please read the Red Flag Report for an in-depth explanation of these red flags.

Final Rating: Not Recommended

About Our Rating

Based on each investigation and the information we collect on each church, we will either recommend or not recommend a church. Every Christian has a different perspective and opinion of a church based on their doctrinal views, personality, and other factors. Our recommendations are based on our Ultra-Libertarian Christian perspective and our desire to protect the Body of Christ from the abuse, spiritual abuse, exploitation, coercive control, and other cult-like behaviors practiced by wolves in sheep’s clothing.

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