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Church Check: CoastLife Church in Venice, Florida

Basic Church Information

Church Name: Coastlife Church

Senior/Lead Pastor: Jason & Heidi Warman

Governance Model: Board of Directors (see church bylaws & articles of incorporation below)

Other Church Leaders/Staff: Steve Warman, Dana Stoddard, Travis Ugarte (See church bylaws)

Denomination: Evangelical/ARC

Address: 2235 Seaboard Avenue, Venice, Florida

Phone Number: 941-497-2100



Online Services:

Congregation Size: ~1,000-2,000

Building Size/Church Property: 1st Location: 40,000 sq. ft; Value: $2,401,190; 2nd Location: 40,000 sq. ft; Value: $2,700,000.

Social Media/Online Presence:

Church Specifics

To read more about this church’s Specifics, read the Red Flag Report (to be published within the next 24 hours), which is linked in several Specifics below. Any Specific that has more information or an explanation available is linked to the Red Flag Report by an asterisk.

Responsive/Open to Questions: No*

Official Memberships: Yes*

Church Discipline: Yes*

Tithing/Compels Giving: Yes*

Financially Transparent &/or Accountable: No*

Baptism Required: No

Preaching Style: Topical

Worship Style: Contemporary/Christian Pop Concert

Affiliations: ARC/Kevin Gerald*

Safeguards Against Abuse: Minimal - None

Red Flags: This church has several red flags of spiritual abuse for its affiliation with ARC/Kevin Gerald, coercive authoritarian control, financial exploitation, labor exploitation, stonewalling, information control, and more. Please read our full Red Flag Report on this church to learn more about these red flags.

Pastor Background

Educational Background: Unknown unaccredited Bible college

Ministerial History: Unknown | In this interview, Jason Warman briefly discusses working in ministry as a youth pastor and “other things” after receiving a degree from a small Bible college but doesn’t mention which Bible college he went to or which church he previously worked/served in.

Salary: Unknown*

Red Flags*: We haven’t been able to find very much information regarding Jason or Heidi Warman’s background so far. This is a red flag because it suggests the history and background information is being withheld purposely as a form of impression management and information control.

Church Bylaws & Articles of Incorporation:

OR - CL (2)
Download PDF • 2.78MB

Final Rating: Not Recommended

About Our Rating

Based on each investigation and the information we collect on each church, we will either recommend or not recommend a church. Everyone has a different perspective and opinion based on their doctrinal views, personality, and other factors. Our recommendations are based on our Ultra-Libertarian Christian perspective and our desire to protect the Body of Christ from the abuse, exploitation, coercive control, and other cult-like behaviors practiced by wolves in sheep’s clothing.

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