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Documentation Further Shows Child Abuse by Apologia Church Members

Updated: Feb 6

Warning: This post contains images and descriptions of child abuse, both psychological and physical. Reader discretion is advised.

In August, we wrote a report summarizing allegations of child abuse by two Apologia Church members, Mike and Tiffany Hendrickson, against their adopted child, Chelsey. Then we shared the church's response and behavior following that report, which showed deception and a clear defense of the Hendricksons.

If you haven't already, get caught up reading those here and here.

If you're someone that has responded to this information by blindly defending the church, the Hendricksons, or by attacking me personally, please also take a moment to read this.

Now, after months of investigating and gathering even more documentation, we're laying it all out here for you to examine yourselves, church checkers. While we directly quoted large portions from the Forensic Psychological Evaluation and summarized much of what was reported by DCS in that evaluation in August, we've obtained a lot more information since that initial report.

As time goes on, we will likely continue to receive more documentation and evidence regarding this case. When that happens, we will add it to this post and re-publish it to keep you updated.