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What is Tithing? | The Truth About Tithing

If you attend almost any Christian church in the United States of America today, your church is probably lying to you about money. Of all the lies being told about money in our churches, I believe the biggest one is tithing.

Let me be clear. I believe Christian leaders know the truth about tithing. This isn’t a complex or nuanced principle that’s easily misunderstood. There’s no easy way to misinterpret what the Bible says about tithing without blatantly changing God’s concise instructions.

Yet none of our churches, and I mean virtually none of them, are practicing or teaching tithing as it’s commanded in Scripture. Even if they honestly tried, it would contradict Jesus Christ and His Gospel, but we’ll get to that later. The point is, it's not possible to biblically tithe in a Christian church today, and if it was, none of our churches are even trying to align with the biblical model of tithing according to God's instructions. Therefore, I believe our churches are purposely lying about tithing in order to financially exploit the Christian Church.

Don't believe me? Well, let's read the Bible. Let's define exactly what tithing actually is according to Scripture.

But first, let's examine how the Christian Church defines tithing today.

The Modern Christian Definition of Tithing

If you were to ask almost any pastor or church leader today “what is tithing?”, you'll probably hear, “the word ‘tithe’ means a tenth, so it’s a tenth of your income that goes back to God, meaning the local church.” I’ve also heard church leaders claim tithing is for “all who love and believe in God,” and that tithing is a law or principle that's “taught all throughout the Bible.”

These are false definitions and claims regarding tithing, and none of them has anything to do with how God established tithing in Scripture. The word 'tithe' does mean 'a tenth' in Hebrew, but besides this singular fact, nothing about these claims on tithing is biblical.

So, let's see how Scripture defines tithing.