Church Check: Apologia Church in Mesa, AZ

Updated: Apr 12

Basic Church Information

Church Name: Apologia Church

Senior/Lead Pastor: Jeff Durbin

Board of Elders/Leadership Staff: Jeff Durbin, Luke Pierson, Zack Morgan, and James White

Address: 717 N Stapley Dr, Mesa, AZ, 85203 (Church of the Redeemer)

Phone: (909) 654-5679



Social Media:

Online Services:

Church Specifics

Denomination: Baptist, Reformed/Calvinist, Theonomist, & Postmillennialist

Preaching Style: Topical

Membership Requirements: Yes

Tithes/Compelled Giving: Yes

Financial Transparency: No

Affiliations: Cultish (Jeff Durbin), Alpha & Omega Ministries (James White), Apologia Studios, Red Door Ministry, End Abortion Now

Red Flags of Abuse:

There are a few red flags worth noting for Apologia Church: