Church Check: K2 The Church in Murray, Utah

Basic Church Information

Church Name: K2 The Church

Senior/Lead Pastor: Dave Nelson

Address: 5049 Murray Blvd. Murray UT, 84123

Phone: 801-486-2240




Denomination: Non-denominational

Preaching Style: Topical

Membership Requirements: Unknown

Tithes/Compelled Giving: Yes

Financial Transparency: No

Answered Questionnaire: No

Online Services:

Affiliations: Celebrate Recovery

The Questionnaire

When I originally sent the Questionnaire to K2’s staff, I received an immediate response from someone when I inquired on their website about some questions I had. A woman named Pam replied right away...but then I sent her the questions.

After three days with no answer, I decided to send a follow-up email. This is how it went.

Me: “Happy Sunday Pam! Have you had a chance to look at my questions yet and maybe send them along to the person who can answer them? If you could just let me know where you're at on it I'd really appreciate it.”

Pam: “Sarah, I won’t have an opportunity to get your questions answered until Monday. We close our office from 3 pm on Thursday until Monday at 9am. Monday’s are very busy so it may be Tuesday.”

So, I waited, then Tuesday came, and no answers. I sent another follow-up email.