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Check My Church


Check My Church is a Christian watchdog and discernment ministry that investigates and examines local churches and ministries. We publish reports  to expose corruption, abuse, cult-like practices, and to help you find the safest church for you and your family.

We are also increasingly becoming a source of information to help followers of Christ develop the skills of discernment to help them learn to recognize controlling and abusive Christian cults and wolves in sheep's clothing for themselves. 

Search for your church in the search bar below or by browsing the Check Your Church page.


We are no longer taking church requests, but if you have information on a church that exposes red flags of abuse, exploitation, and other harmful behaviors, please send us your tips.

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Check Churches in Your Area

Use our interactive Church Map to find and view churches in your area. Each church on our map includes a summary of the church, its denomination, and any red flags that we're currently aware of. Please be patient as we work to add every church we've checked and will continue to check in the next several weeks.