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Covid-19 Exposes the Hypocrisy of Local Christian Churches

As a Christian who has attended tons of Christian churches, I've heard it over and over again: Give to the local church, pay tithing, donate to the building fund, give out of love for God, out of your faith in Christ, and your love for the church. Give sacrificially, give joyfully, don't be greedy, and don't worry about making ends meet. When you give more, God will give you more in return.

Give, give, give.

The Christian is called to give until they can't give anymore, and even then, they are called to give "sacrificially" and beyond their means, because true Christian giving means being completely selfless. Right?

When churches have materialistic dreams such as a bigger, nicer building, new band equipment, or special lighting and fog machines for the worship service, they need you to give it to them.

When they have bills to pay and salaries to satisfy, they need you to pay them.