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Church Check: CAMPUS Church in Murray, Utah

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Basic Church Information

Church Name: CAMPUS Church

Lead/Senior Pastor: Shawn McCraney

Address: 137 W. 4640 S. Murray, Utah 84107

Phone: 1-888-868-4686

CAMPUS Church Website:

Denomination: Non-Denominational

Answered Questionnaire: Yes

Financially Transparent: Yes; Fully

Preaching Style: Expository/Verse-by-verse

Tithes/Compelled Giving: No

Affiliations: Talking To Mormons, Ex-Mormon Files, and Check My Church


Did the church answer the questionnaire?


1. What is your church's official position on tithing?

“Tithing is an Old Testament construct given to the children of Israel it has no application to Believers in Christ today. If individuals want to follow this rule and live it it's up to them. We do not teach it as a principal. We do not teach giving or remind people to give - all donations are up to the individual. Our ministry does accept donations.”

2. Does your church have a particular set of rules or requirements that members must follow or abide by in order to retain their membership status with the church?

“Campus Church.Faith has no memberships. All are free to attend or not. There are zero requirements imposed.”

3. Are you transparent with your church's financial information? How much does your church bring in through donations and tithing, and how is that money distributed?

“Our ministry consists of two weekly church services, two weekly streamed shows, and some product giveaways and sales. We own several content laden websites that offer these presentations to any who wants them. Shawn McCraney is the sole producer of 96% of content.

All income is used to pay overhead costs (a building studio, electric, gas, mailings, benevolence) and what remains is used to upgrade equipment, tech improvements and payments for services rendered. The remainder is paid to Shawn on a month by month basis. Shawn is 1) reimbursed for miles/gas first, 2) is then paid a pastors allowance granted by the IRS, and if anything remains he can elect to take a payroll dispersion. In 2018 the total donations to all ministry modes was 74,000. Shawn received 29,000 in payroll and housing combined for the year.”

4. Which denomination does your church align with the most, if any?


5. Is your church's pastor available for other questions or comments regarding the church, its doctrines, etc.?


6. How is your church's doctrinal flexibility and tolerance?

“Doctrine is subjectively determined. All views are permitted while the pastor tries his best to teach what the bible says contextually.”

6b. If a member has a disagreement with the pastor or leadership on a certain doctrine, how is it handled? Does the church change its position on doctrines fairly often, if at all?

“All views are openly received. The pastor will change his views on occasion.”

7. Does your church require that its members be baptized? What is your church's official position on baptism?

“Baptism is an outward indication of an inward Faith the mode and means is all up to the individual and it's not demanded of anybody at any time but is celebrated in if it is so desired.”

8. Please describe what a typical service and/or meeting looks like in your church.

“Same as before.” (read our first check of CAMPUS Church for this answer)

9. How many people do you have on staff at your church, both paid and volunteer?

“Paid three. Volunteer three.”

10. What is the pastor's educational history?

“Self-taught essentially I did attend Brigham Young University in Calvary Chapel School of ministry no degrees worth mentioning.”

11. How does the church discipline its members with their sin?

“Campus Church believes that issues and individual sins are between them and the Holy Spirit.”

12. How is the pastor compensated (income, benefits, bonuses, etc.)?

(See above)

“I pay for my own cell phones I pay for my own medical insurance I pay for my own dental insurance we do not have any bonuses we do not have any benefits associated with the ministry that goes to the pastor. I've never had a paid vacation by the members of the church. An automobile was donated to the church at one time and I do drive that car daily.”

13. What is the size of your church and any other space the church owns for meetings and church services?

“Campus is physically small with a max of 100 participants in a given week. However, thousands do utilize our content.”


What do you think of CAMPUS Church in Murray, Utah?

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