Church Check: Capital Church in Salt Lake City, Utah

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Basic Church Information

Church Website:

Facebook Page:

Address: 1010 E. 700 S. SLC, UT 84102

Phone: 801-366-4222


Online Services:

Denomination: Assemblies of God

Tithing: Yes

Memberships: Yes

Financial Transparency: Unknown

Answered the Questionnaire: Partially

Other Affiliations: Global Leadership Network

Preaching Style: Topical


When we reached out to Capital Church with our Questionnaire, we received the following response:

“Thanks again for reaching out, and for offering to provide information to your readers about Capital Church. Our core beliefs, mission & vision, and answers to many of these questions are answered on our website, We are transparent with our community about our stewardship of financial resources, reviewing every dollar at our annual meeting…”

Truth be told, many of our questions could in fact be answered by their website, so we took that as an answer, and began our hunt on the website. This is what we found.

1. What is your church's official position on tithing?

While I couldn’t find anything that specifically speaks on their official beliefs regarding tithing, it’s very easy to figure out what that is based on what we can find on the website.

Sacrificial serving is a big part of their vision & mission as a church, and financial giving is mentioned specifically by them on their website.

Their membership covenant, which we will get into in the next question, suggests that they do preach tithing in two separate ways:

  1. In the Partnering section of the Covenant, it says members must commit “...To faithfully support the mission and the leadership of Capital Church as we journey together following Jesus (1 Corinthians 1:10)...” Since part of their mission is to serve sacrificially, it logically follows that this means members must give financially to the church

  2. In the Investing section of the Covenant, it says members must commit: “...To support Capital and other ministries of Christ’s Kingdom by giving joyfully of my fina