9 Signs That Your Church is Serving Money

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

The Bible is clear. We cannot serve both God and money.

(Mark 10:25, Heb. 13:5, 1 Tim. 6:10, Luke 12:15, Mat. 6:19-21, Luke 12:33-34, etc...)

You know it as well as I do. As Christians, we're called to worship God alone. The love and worship of money is a dangerous, treacherous, and idolatrous thing. We must guard ourselves against it by keeping our faith in God, but believe it or not, our own potential infatuation with that green isn't the only one we should be worried about.

When Christians read passages in the Bible about money, they always apply it to themselves personally, as they should, but rarely do they ever consider such Scriptures as having application for their pastor, or their church.

The fact of the matter is that your pastor, your church's elders, deacons, and your local church as a whole are responsible to the same Scriptures about money that you as an individual Christian are. Since when did we start believing it was okay for churches to be greedy and money-obsessed anyway?

Because unfortunately, many churches and their leaders have become dumbstruck by those dollar signs over the past few decades, especially in America. It's quite rapidly and devastatingly wiped out the Christian church in a way that only a love for money could.

Like a tornado of greedy destruction, the Health and Wealth, or Prosperity Gospel, has not only become its own popular "Christian movement," but many churches and pastors that openly mock and ridicule such teachings have adopted the very same behaviors and strategies for their own churches in order to grow their ministries, put more butts in the seats, and more money in their own pockets.

What are those behaviors and strategies? Well, if you're at a church that exhibits these nine signs, you can be sure that they're utilizing them.

9 Signs That Your Church Is Serving Money

1. The Building is Expensive & Beautiful

Okay, listen. Is it possible for a church to grow in numbers and still be devoted to God and not money? Sure. It's possible. However, according to what the Bible tells us, it's not very probable.

Don't churches with a lot of people need bigger buildings? Yeah. So it's not necessarily the size of the building that matters, but rather, the cost that went into obtaining that building, and the cost that went into its appearance.

Churches that spend a lot of money on appearances, rather than the plethora of other much more important matters a church should be spending its money on, such as helping people in need or producing fruit within its community, is prioritizing material above God.

2. They Preach Tithing