Is SMCC "Gospel-ish"? A Sermon Check-Up for South Mountain Community Church in Draper, Utah

I don't know why I keep feeling so drawn to South Mountain Community Church for such frequent checks and investigations, but I do.

Maybe it's the fact that they're the only Christian church I've found so far that actually teaches tithing is a commandment of God for Christians today and that it's taught in the New Testament. And I can't stand it.

Maybe it's because so many people came out when we posted their first Church Check and insisted we were misunderstanding them and not giving them a fair assessment, so we keep going back to re-evaluate just to make sure we're not missing anything.

Maybe I have a special disdain for money serving in the Church, and SMCC just gives me really bad money serving vibes.

Whatever it is, I was drawn in once again by the new sermon series that SMCC started this week, called "Gospel-ish". I saw yet another red flag of money serving within the first sermon itself, and I had to share.

So, here we go!

The Sermon

Sermon: Gospel-ish, Week 1, SMCC Draper Campus

Speaker: Rick Henderson

Date: September 29, 2019

Series Thesis: “Gospel-ish sounds right, but is always wrong.”

Is the sermon topical or a verse by verse study through the Bible?

Topical. As is usual for SMCC. And as usual for CMC, we don’t care too much for topical sermons, especially with churches that we already have experience with in avoiding any in-depth or meaty Bible study.

Not only do topical sermons like this one avoid real Bible study or discussion, but they also dumb down church and create Christians that can't tolerate any real in-depth Bible study if and when they're ever exposed to it.

Is it Biblical? How frequently is the Bible used? Is it interpreted in context or twisted to fit the narrative of the sermon?

Well, as usual with SMCC’s online sermons, the video begins with Paul Robie asking for your money to support the church. This isn’t a clear preaching of tithing. I just happen to know they do preach tithing as a commandment of God for Christians today, so this only reminds me of that, and how unbiblical it is.

But let’s get to the sermon: An introduction to SMCC’s new sermon series, Gospel-ish.