Church Check: The Point Church in Kearns, Utah

Updated: May 24, 2020

Basic Church Information

Church Website:

Church Facebook Page:

Church Address: 5133 Heath Ave, Salt Lake City, UT 84118


At first, I thought this church might actually come through and answer our questions, but after a few months of emailing back and forth, I was finally told that I wouldn’t be helped.

So, let’s see what we can find out for ourselves.

1. What is your church's official position on tithing?

While this church’s website and Facebook Page don’t show any explicit pressures to give, they do have a Giving Page that lists “Tithes” as one of the ways in which we can give to their church.

They also have a few other options regarding where you’d like your donation to go, including “Pastor Appreciation,” the “Hebrews Coffee” Shop, and the “Joshua Project,” which is a new facility they want to build for their kids and teens ministries.

After watching their online services, which you can find posted on their Facebook Page, I didn’t hear any calls to give or see any plates passing, but it seems the video recording starts at the beginning of the worship service and there are actually people making announcements and other statements to the congregation before recording. It’s possible that this church does preach tithing and it just hasn’t been shown on video.

Until we can visit in person and experience an entire service for ourselves, we can’t say either way for sure.

2. Does your church have a particular set of rules or requirements that members must follow or abide by in order to retain their membership status with the church?

While we can’t find any information on the website regarding this and no one answered this question for us, there is a small sign that this church may have official membership agreements. Being affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention is it. While the SBC has no official stance on church memberships or requirements, allowing local churches their autonomy, Southern Baptist churches do tend to be more on the legalistic side of the scale.

However, since we see no other signs of this at The Point Church and since they apparently don’t list their affiliation with the SBC on their website, we can’t say whether this church has memberships or not.