Check My Church doesn't currently accept donations, but there are plenty of other ways for you to get involved and support us. Check them out on this page!

The best way to support Check My Church is to help with church intel. Do you have information that would help us answer our questions about local churches, such as membership requirements, screenshots of tithe-preaching pastors, a church financial report, or evidence of spiritual abuse? Contact us with any information you have, so we can share it with the Body of Christ.

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Other Ways You Can Help

Insider Intel

Got some insider intel that might help us in our investigations? Shoot us an email and become one of our insiders.

Social Media Support

Like & Follow us on Facebook, where we give daily updates & news. The more people see us on social media, the more influence we can have on the internet.

Plant Seeds

Once you're a member of our site, you have access to our various Seeds of Faith available on our Resource Page (under construction) where you can download tons of free printables. Plant these "seeds" to spread the word and share our mission with others. 

Support Good Churches

Another great way to support us is to support churches that deserve it the most. These churches preach the Gospel, teach the Word, and worship God alone.  No memberships, no tithing required or pressured, and good solid Bible teaching.